3 ways to stay organised

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Building habits can be hard. When you don’t see the positive effect right away you can convince yourself that it’s not worth the effort you’re putting in.

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Being an adult balancing. Home life, work life and childcare getting organised really helps things along. Here’s what helped me.


Having a to do list helps you organise your thoughts and visualise your day. Having your to do list you get the sense of achievement when you tick off your tasks and reduces the feeling that you’re forgetting something.


Writing your thoughts down help to clear up space in your mind. You don’t have the sanme thoughts floating around in your head throughout the day. You can plan your day. Sum up the events or dump your to do list so its on paper and not in your head.


There’s the saying:
“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”
– Benjamin Franklin

If you can do it today get it done and out the way. Putting things off for tomorrow causes a build up of tasks that never get done and keep rolling to the next day building up your anxiety and making you feel like it’s never ending.

We all deal with our tasks differently. What works for some may not work for others but being more organised helps get things running alot smoother. Ehar

What works for you??

Adulting With Grief

Adulting your mindset

Friday was a hard day in our household. We had to say goodbye to our 4 legged friend. Our beloved dog (God rest his soul) was a part of the family.

We had to make one of the hardest decisions as an Adult, to take him to the vet. He had been suffering with a highly aggressive Cancer for just under a month now and it was time for him to cross over.


My, first instinct when we got the diagnosis was to pretend like it wasn’t happening to try and avoid the inevitable. But something told me that wasn’t the right thing to do.

Instead I did what I could to make the most of the limited time we had left with him.


It’s easy to start dwelling on all the things we didn’t get to do with them. All the times you told them off or snapped at them for being in your feet. Unfortunately doing this just delays your ability to reach the last step of grieving…acceptance.

Focusing on the positive stories as been helping me to shed light on the dark cloud thats followed been following me around.


There is an immense feeling of loss when we have to say goodbye to our loved ones. This feeling of loss can be so painful that we want to block it out. Throw away all their things so we don’t have to think about them. Avoid being reminded of them because it’s like salt in the fresh wounds.

Remembering them can help reduce that feeling of loss. The Irish have a wake to share all the stories they have with their lost loved ones. In doing so you don’t feel like they are gone forever as they stay with you in your memories.


I once read something that stuck with me.

You never heal from grief you only learn to live with the pain you feel.

Grief is a journey. We all take different paths and what may work for some doesn’t work for others. I think knowing that it’s a journey and not a destination has helped me most.

Adulting on a Budget

Adulting on a Budget

I’ve always had a funny relationship with money. I spend it when I have it. Or swing the other way and feel bad when I spend.

When I first had access to you own cash, I was making up for all the times I didn’t get what I wanted. I was a kid in a candyshop everytime I left the house.

Impulse Spending

Adulting with money was not my strong suit. I would say yes to all the events, the days out and nights out. I was a social butterfly that never said no and if I saw something I wanted I bought it.

I love food and would happily grab a pastry and a coffee every morning. I loved artisan and tried new coffeeshops when they popped up, if anything new was added to the menu I would be the first person to try it out.

After a long period like this I eventually had to swing the other way. I was hit with the consequences of overspending. Being fast and loose with my money had to stop. It was time to Adult.

Wake Up Call

Living in my overdraft and maxing out my credit card I felt like I was drowning. It hit me the hardest when I stood in the self checkout at Tesco and tried paying for a loaf of bread and milk I had to grab on the way home….*Unauthorised*

I wanted the floor to swallow me whole. I pulled out my credit card and tried tapping that too but same response. I rummaged through the bottom of my bag trying to find change but nothing.

It dawned on me I was going to have to walk away without the basics….my brain went into overdrive. I must have money somewhere. Trying my purse again there it was, my Revolut card. I’m sure I have a few euros left on there. Tapped it on the cardreader. My last chance… it pinged.

I could breathe again. This was my wakeup call. I had to make some drastic changes to get myself out of it. To manage my impulses and improve my relationship with money.

Finding a Balance

My journey to finding a balance has been a long one. I had a phase of being a super saver and would be frozen in the shop trying to work out what was the cheapest, constantly putting things back and paralysed from making a decision.

Getting a healthy balance to spend when I needed to and to save where I could has been hard and something I feel like I’m still working on.

My newest attempt is to budget. I go through how much spending I have after the direct debits and bills come out. Putting aside an amount for my impulse buying I’m hoping will satisfy that part of me and make sure I still have enough put away to avoid falling short at the supermarket.

I feel like Adulting on a Budget will be a reaccuring category for me to share what worked and what didnt.

Journey from #Adulting to Adult


Adulting is such a millennial problem. My 20s was a constant struggle of being classed as an Adult but never feeling like a grown up. There I was with responsibilities and making important life decisions but I couldn’t help feeling as if I was playing dress up with monopoly money and putting on a show.

Now in my 30s I have to confess not alot has changed. I’m still feeling out of step in a few aspects of my life with some struggles adulting. I’ve learnt alot and have a few amazing finds and found some hints and tips along the way to help me feel more like an adult and less like I adulting. Here in my blog I plan to share my journey going from #Adulting to Adult with you.

My Adulting confessions will cover parenting, lifestyle, recipes and well-being that helped me feel more like and adult, more like I had my life together and more like a grownup.

Weekly updates that one day I hope to grow into the ultimate collection of adulting hints and tips to stop that imposter syndrome and help secure that feeling of truly being an adult.